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Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the lives of underpriviledged youth around the world through faith, sports ministry, community outreach, mentoring, and training centers.

What We Do

We are a USA based Charitable Corporation supporting organizations across the world, inspiring youths and providing access to Sports, Education, Christian Faith, and Community Outreach.

Christian Ministry

We focus on WINNING people to Christ, TRAINING believers to become disciples and SENDING disciples to impact their community.

Sports Ministry

Our ambassadors are engaged in Sports Ministry, providing the communities access to various sports in a safe, Christ-centered environment. The pillars of the Sports Ministry are based on Character, Competition, and Community

Community Outreach

Ambassadors work on the development of feeding centers, access to clean water and other sanitary needs of the communities.

Mentoring and Training Centers

Our ambassadors establish training centers where we administer Life Skills Training and other Mentorship Programs. Ambassadors also engage in tutoring in an array of educational subjects.


Transforming the lives of youth with the help of Christ

Christian Ministry
Sports Ministry
Community Outreach
Mentoring & Training Centers


Disseminating love and knowledge of Jesus Christ through Education and Sports.


George Okallo

CEO & President

George Okallo has a background in Banking & Finance for 20 years. While focusing on credit analysis and relationship management, George has moved up through the ranks as an analyst to working as a corporate relationship manager at African Banking Corporation. In the same time, George has continued his passion of football (soccer) through coaching youth, college and professional teams. Most recently, George works as the Girl's Director of Coaching for the CCV Stars Soccer Club in Phoenix, Arizona. With the combination of passion for serving the community and experience in management, George is the driving force behind GATLY. George's vision for GATLY was sparked when he returned to Kenya for 3 years in 2010.


Harry Demos


Harry Demos currently serves as the Director of CCV Stars Youth Sports and has been since 2006. Before that, Harry lead sales teams at Computer Electronics & Semiconductor Test for 24 years. Harry also brings in a huge passion for football (soccer) and other sports, as he offers GATLY a great deal of experience while serving as the Treasurer.


Kenneth Laird


Kenneth Laird offers over 32 years of experience in Executive Management in Police/Public Safety and Emergency Management. Kenneth is currently the Chief Executive Officer and President of Canyon Security Specialist and Consulting in Phoenix, Arizona. In the same time, Kenneth has coached and administered football (soccer) for over 30 years in Arizona and California. His latest soccer endeavor includes participating in the Salinas Valley Sports Authority as a liaison for the development of the sports complex at Constitution Fields in Salinas, California. Kenneth brings a wealth experience in management and soccer to GATLY.


Robb Waldrep

Board Member

Robb Waldrep brings in a lot of executive experience as the Executive Vice-President of Schuff Steel. His board experience includes serving as the Director for Schuff International, Inc. He is also a member of the Corporate Governance Committee. Robb offers his leadership experience in an advisory role to the GATLY executive team.

Advisory Board Members

Rich Vogel

Former President, Compass Bank Arizona

Larrie Fraley

Head of Missions - Christ Church of the Valley

Nicholas Castaneda

Senior Financial Advisor - Merrill

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